Physiotherapie Bergmann – Privatpraxis für Physiotherapie BonnPhysiotherapie Bergmann – Privatpraxis für Physiotherapie Bonn

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Therapy Rehabilitation Prevention

Prevention Massage

The prevention massage is a type of massage in which we use classic massage therapy, but before symptoms arise. We adapt the massage according to your daily physical activity and your individual needs.

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Prevention and Health Promotion

Using prevention techniques, we would like to cooperate with you to improve your general health or prevent the development of conditions. Prevention also refers to early detection of conditions and treatment at an early stage. For instance this means that even though tense muscles, combined with a slight postural weakness or abnormal posture, currently only occasional causing complaints, in the future could become a permanent companion in everyday life without prevention.

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Back and Spine Course

In these courses we teach you exercises and give you information to reduce or prevent back pain. With age-related wear and tear, muscles become more and more important to support the spine.

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Personal Training

Are you feeling worn out? Would you like to change this state, but do not know how? Then Personal Training is the most effective method to improve your performance and wellbeing.

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