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Prevention and Health Promotion

Prevention and health promotion includes measures to prevent medical conditions.

Using prevention techniques, we would like to cooperate with you to improve your general health or prevent the development of conditions. Prevention also refers to early detection of conditions and treatment at an early stage. For instance this means that even though tense muscles, combined with a slight postural weakness or abnormal posture, currently only occasional causing complaints, in the future could become a permanent companion in everyday life without prevention. Here we would eliminate the tension through massage combined with a back training, to prevent future problems. Prevention treatment also includes measures to prevent relapses, slow the worsening of chronic conditions or disorders and prevent secondary conditions. This allows previously treated tension conditions can be permanently avoided in the future.

Health promotion aims to strengthen the health of the people. By changing the work, environmental and living conditions, as well as individual behavior patterns we create a better basis for healthy living. This is an excellent opportunity to create a base so that no more preventive measures are needed.

So health promotion includes measures and activities that will lead to a strengthening of your personal health. This health promotion is to be understood as a process that enables you to make responsible decisions about their health.