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Breathing Therapy

Breathing therapy is used to treat ailments of the upper and lower respiratory tracts, the lungs or the diaphragm.  These include illness with systems such as: coughing, sputum shortness of breath – especially under strain, e.g.  chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (chronic bronchitis with asthmatic components or  emphysema) or cystic fibrosis.

We use breathing therapy when coughing and ichor make breathing so difficult that everyday tasks become hard to execute.

Breathing Therapy includes:

  • loosening of secretions
  • Support with problems with breathing and breathing mechanics
  • Supported learning of self-help techniques and home exercises
  • Guidance for training with breathing support machines

Effects of breathing therapy:

  • Breathing therapy offers relief from coughing.
  • Accumulation of secretions due to changes in the structure of the lungs or breathing mechanism are loosened
  • Breathing difficulties due to allergies can be alleviated.
  • The improved supply of oxygen helps you improve your performance during therapy and everyday life.
  • Physiotherapeutic breathing therapy helps you improve your breathing and breathing mechanics. You can breath freely again!