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Thermotherapy enables us to prepare and support your treatment by increasing blood flow, reducing pain and relieving muscle spasms.

Most commonly, thermotherapy is used in manual therapy and massage therapy.

With thermotherapy, muscle stiffness can be reduced, especially in case of strong muscular tensions. By stimulating blood flow and increasing the extensibility of collagen tissues, your treatment can be intensified.

We offer different varieties of thermotherapy, distinguished by their application and the type of utilized material.

  • Fango - Due to the heat exposure by the package filled with natural mud, muscle tensions and spasms are relieved, blood flow is increased and the metabolism of the treated body parts is stimulated.
  • Natural Mud - Natural mud wrappings come into contact with your skin via a fleece. In addition to the thermal effect, the natural bog acts as a disinfectant while being anti-inflammatory and firming.
  • Hot Towel Treatment - Hot towel treatments enable the focused application of heat with a simultaneous massage. The intensity is easily adaptable; therefore, your cardiovascular system will not be unnecessarily strained, while we achieve a high effectiveness.